The New Zealand Climb

Last weekend, during our public fundraising for the , there was quite a bit of interest as to the nature of Andy’s 1000km route. So having previously posted the Route Map of the South Island Cycle we decided to include a break down of the elevation of each stage of the journey below. Not only will Andy have to cycle 1000km from sea level up to heights of 1076m in the Southern Alps but there will also be head-winds, sheer drops and steep descents to be tackled.

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Elevation view of the the full cycle of the Southern Island
New Zealand South Island Full Journey

Mon 19th September: Christchurch to Flock Hill – 112km

Tues 20th September: Flock Hill to Hokitika – 137 km

Wed 21st September:Hokitika to Franz Joseph Glacier – 132 km

Fri 23rd September: Franz Joseph Glacier to Haast – 145 km

Sat 24th September: Haast to Wanaka – 141 km

Sun 25th September: Wanaka to Queenstown – 68 km

Wed 28th September: Cycle Queenstown to Alexandra – 93 km

Thurs 29th September: Alexandra to Naseby – 89 km

Fri 30th September: Naseby to Middlemarch direct – 79 km

Sat 1st October: Naseby to Middlemarch via MacCrae’s – 139km

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  1. Posted October 11, 2011 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    Very you loved the ride into Naseby like nothing else -Awesome views and a step back in time :)

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