The Green Army in Dunedin

Chris, Brian, Andy & Gary after the Kangaroo CourtChris, Brian, Peter, Andy & Gary celebrating in the Octagon in Dunedin after the Kangaroo Court

Dunedin had been completely infiltrated by the Irish for the Italian match. However, before we could rejoin the festivities there was the small matter of the ‘Kangaroo Court’ to contend with. This Kangaroo court was set up to individually trial each of us for our crimes on tour. Nobody escaped humiliation.

The Cycling Irish at Ireland v ItalyThe “Cycling Irish” at Ireland v Italy

The octagon in the centre of the city was the perfect setting for the party.There was a sea of green. I have never seen so much face paint, green wigs and flags before. The traveling army were in great spirits and as we marched to the stadium it seemed inevitable that we would beat the Italians that night. The men on the field did the business and the the stadium atmosphere was electric well after the final whistle. It was the perfect ending to an amazing journey.

Irish v ItalyThe Irish after their win against the Italians

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