Curling in Naseby

Thurs 29th September: Alexandra to Naseby – 89 km

We were warned in our morning briefing in Alexandria that there would be one or two long hills to contend with on our way to Naseby, but compared to what we had encountered to date we’d be well able for them. Now the countryside seemed much more like Ireland. It felt like we could have been in Wicklow or Connemara for long stretches. In fact after only a few hours into our cycle we came across a suspended bridge named after none other than our own Daniel O’Connell.

The Irish on the Daniel O'Connell Suspended BridgeThe Irish on the Daniel O’Connell Suspended Bridge

With very little traffic we were able to cycle in a train of pairs. In our train each one of us would take a turn at the front to act as a wind breaker for everyone following behind. This rotation would mean you had a different person to chat to every two minutes or so. This worked like speed dating on bikes and it was a great way for all of us to get to know each other. Everyone remarked how beautiful the weather was on our two minute chats.

The cycle to NasebyFlying to to Naseby

The rolling hills were perfect for cycling. If you managed to build enough speed on the way down one hill you could almost freewheel up the next. When the tougher hills came we knew all about it. There wasn’t a hope we could free wheel up them but sure enough, the experience of pacing ourselves up the mountains before did make it far more manageable and nearly all of us were able get through them.

Curling in Naseby, New ZealandCurling in Naseby, New Zealand

We arrived in the sleepy town of Naseby by mid afternoon. The accommodation was dodgy to say the least. Poorly decorated porto-cabins from the sixties would have to do as there was no real other spot for miles. The less said about it the better. At least we did get to try our hand at Curling, a sport not too many Clare men can say they have attempted. Basically curling is bowls on ice. Although some of the crew seemed to be really enjoying it, other than roaring sweep I wasn’t able to see the attraction.

Mick and Joanne CurlingMick and Joanne Curling in Naseby

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