A Pleasant Day in Otago

Fri 30th September: Naseby to Middlemarch direct – 79 km

The ride to Middlemarch was nothing short of a joy. Rolling landscape, light winds and sunshine made the day pass without a hitch. There were a few tough climbs early in the morning and some long drags after our break but most of us were well able for the route. The day on the road flew so we had plenty of time to chill out in the afternoon sun in Middlemarch.

Digino's Andy and Mick Galwey in MiddlemarchDigino’s Andy and Mick Galwey in Middlemarch

Although we cycled as far as Middlemarch we stayed in the rejuvenated Hyde. Hyde was a gold mining boom town of the 1860′s Otago gold rush and with more and more people enjoying the recently restored Otago cycling trail the town is experiencing a rebirth. Our final meal on the road was served up to us in a newly refurbished school house. The food on the trip was really great but everyone agreed that our best meal of the tour was in Hyde.

Our final night on the road was spent at Otago Central Hotel in HydeOur final night on the road was spent at Otago Central Hotel in Hyde

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